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    Which five major European Football League is the top five?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. The five major European leagues are the Spanish League, the England Football Super League, the Italian Grade A League, the French -level League, and the German League.

      European Cup
      The European Football Championships (English:, referred to as the European Championships, the European Cup, is a highest national football event participated by the European Football Federation State, at 1960 The first session was held in the year, and the session was held every four years. At the time of the competition, the name was the European Cup (, referred to as the European Cup), and then renamed the current European Football Championship in 1968 () I still often call this competition "European State Cup".

      The introduction of the event
      On June 15, 1954, the European Football Union was established.
      1955. Cup.
      In 1956, it began to prepare for competitions participating in national teams from European countries. Two years later, the first European National Cup (European Cup) Qualifications began. The initial purpose of this event was to fill in two sessions The 4 -year blank between the World Cup football game allows European countries to have more opportunities.

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