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    What kind of game is the dragon and dungeon


    Sep 23, 2022

    What is the concept of Dragon and Dungeon? Why are some games called "Dragon and Dungeon XXXXX" seem to be a series of games, but why do people say it is a game mode? Isn't it a series? Please answer it.

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    1. Dragon and Dungeon were originally a rules of paper games. Later, the rules became more and more detailed to become the background rules of all the magic stories in the West.
      It said that now there is an online game based on this rule. The word represents the version of this game expansion `` `` `”e

    2. this. Essence Essence In fact, there is no "connotation". Essence Essence It was a group of experts who read various rules and modules to scare children. Essence Essence Speaking of the bottom, DND was originally a game rules rooted in the fantasy background, and then produced a series of games (of course not computer games), and then gave birth to a culture. In fact, isn't RTS the same? Connotation this game. Essence Essence I only have a talented person (but I promise that after playing, I must feel that DND has a connotation, HOHO).

    3. Dragon and Dungeon are a culture, a big series! Intersection
      The earliest one was stand -alone, and recently there are online version of the dragon and dungeon! Intersection Intersection

      XXXXX of Dragon and Dungeon is his version number! Intersection

      The XXXXX of Dragon and Dungeon OL refers to his online version number ~~~ without OL is a single machine. Essence Essence Essence The single machine hasn't been new for a long time, so I want to know the online version of "Dragon" to play the online version. It is a fantasy world like Warcraft! Intersection Intersection

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