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    Welfare on Monday how to prevent cheating on Monday


    Sep 22, 2022
    One thought on “Welfare on Monday how to prevent cheating on Monday”
    1. Consultation record · Answer on 2021-10-31nHow to prevent cheating on the Internet Mahjong on Monday 1. Tools: Program Mahjong machine Program Mahjong machine often appears in the chess room or brand friend's house, commonly known as "controlling mahjong". Its approach is to set up a machine on the mahjong in advance. After installing the program, players sitting in a certain location can get a good card when sending a card, and even set up to set up to be right or Shunzi. Eat and touch and touches what cards you want. Give people a feeling of luck to explosion. How to check and crack: Before the start, use a magnet to shake a few times on the color. Because the color is the most important tool that affects the start, the setting of the mahjong machine must be a problem. If the color below the magnet also follows, then this mahjong machine is a modified mahjong machine. Image 1. PNG2, equipment cheating: Perspective glasses often appear in some Hong Kong videos, such scenes often appear. One person wears glasses or contact lenses, sweeping his eyes on the mahjong, you can see what color color is. In fact, such technologies have long been mature. Its principle is to use infrared potions to markers on mahjong, and then react with the potion through special glasses, so that users can make a good layout in advance according to the situation. How to check and crack: On the table, if you see a person's eyes not look at your own cards and pools, but abnormally stare at the card pier, the expression is still thoughtful, single hanging or card card It's surprisingly accurate, then you must be careful. Thirty -six strategies, go to the upper plan. Image 2. PNG3, Technical Stream: In the TV series, those old thousands of card replacement technology are cool, but in real life, if you encounter it yourself, I am afraid that you will vomit blood. Most of them are technical coffee, unless they are not careful, ordinary people can't see the greasy inside. How to check and crack: Generally, people such people have been walking for a long time, and they will win money all year round. In the circle, someone will know that he is Lao Qian, so the only way is to communicate with Ma You and build your own circle.

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