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    Three Kingdoms 9 miles lit.


    Sep 22, 2022
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    1. If you want to obtain the official jue, you need to have the following conditions:
      ① All cities (facilities do not matter) within the scope of one continents.
      ② has a minimum faith of 100 and a maximum of 1000.
      The above conditions, when the emperor of the Han Dynasty was still there, there would be a court messenger to block officials in the first ten -year season; when the Emperor of the Han Dynasty had abdicated, the monarch was the leader of the monarch.
      Except for the special monarchy incident, all the monarchs must rise from the lowest state shepherd, which cannot be surpassed (except for modification).
      The game introduction
      The December 1985, the first generation of the "Three Kingdoms" was listed. Once the game was launched, it was well received. It won the first place and the most popular reader's product award for the Japan BHS awards.
      The December 1989, "Three Kingdoms II" came out, but this generation did not achieve greater success than the first generation.
      In 1993, "Three Kingdoms III" was released, which is one of the masterpieces of the entire Three Kingdoms series. It is different from the previous two generations. This generation has established the characteristics of the two systems of the Three Kingdoms series games. Mature.
      Shortly after the launch of the three generations, Glory Corporation quickly launched the "Three Kingdoms IV" in 1994. This work has innovated in many aspects, introducing tools such as stone castrators and crossbow. By 1995, Glory launched "Three Kingdoms".
      This has become the pinnacle of the Three Kingdoms Games under the DOS platform. This game has reached the highest level at the time, regardless of the screen and playability, and occupied the main market of the turnover strategy game at the time.

    2. Intelligence on the game-the faithfulness value of the power of the whole official jue will be satisfied with the conditions of the power to meet the conditions. ----200 rn中郎将-----300 rn大将军-----500 rn大司马-----600 rn公--- -------800 rn王----------900 rn皇帝-------1000提升信望方法1.抢玉玺加100 2.抢都城Plus 1003. Trigger the plot plot plus trust 4. Explore helping the people Jiaxin Wang 5. City inspection Jiaxinwang 6. Capture the city Jiaxinwang 7. Liu Bei forces to occupy Hanzhong and directly rise to the prince of the king.

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