• Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

    The gold coins of chess and cards have been attacked repeatedly. What are the good defense plans?


    Sep 22, 2022
    2 thoughts on “The gold coins of chess and cards have been attacked repeatedly. What are the good defense plans?”
    1. 1. Stealing passwords
      The we know, services used to steal passwords include FTP, TFTP, mail systems, finger and telnet, and so on. In other words, if the system administrator accidentally or not luck when choosing the host system, the attacker will be easy to counter -palm to steal the password file. Remember: The bad guy only uses only once.
      2, defects and backdoor
      In fact, there is no perfect code. Perhaps somewhere in the system is lurking with heavy defects or backdoor waiting for people's discovery. The difference is that who discovered it first. Only with the attitude of doubt everything, check the correctness of the input information from various aspects, can still avoid these defects. For example, if the program has a fixed -size buffer, no matter what type, it must be guaranteed that it is not overflowing; if you use dynamic memory allocation, you must prepare for the exhaustion of the memory or file system, and remember that the recovery strategy may be possible. Also need memory and disk space.
      3, identification failure
      even a perfect mechanism will be broken under certain circumstances. For example, the verification of the source address may be performed under certain conditions (such as the fake data packet in the firewall), but the hacker can use the program to re -transmit a request. In this case, the server was eventually deceived.
      4. Agreement failed
      games looking for protocol vulnerabilities have been prosperous in hackers, especially in the field of cryptography. Sometimes because the password generator makes mistakes, it is too clear and simple. More cases are caused by different assumptions, and the correctness of password exchange is difficult.
      5, information leakage
      . Most protocols will leak certain information. Gaoming hackers do not need to know what computers in your LAN. They can find hidden hosts and interest services through address space and port scan. The best defense method is high -performance firewall. If the hackers cannot send a data packet to each machine, the machine is not easy to be invaded and refused service. I like to paint randomly on the wall, and some people especially like to paralyze others' machines. Many network attackers are puzzling for this kind of bad behavior. There are many kinds of troubles, but they are almost the same, just want to exhaust your resources and paralyze your computer system. Although active filtering can protect you to a certain extent, because this attack is not easy to identify, it is often invincible.

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