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    Most of the games can be gold. What games are there now no gold channels?


    Sep 23, 2022
    5 thoughts on “Most of the games can be gold. What games are there now no gold channels?”
    1. There will be such a situation that does not have gold games, that is, there are many advertisements around, and maybe you have to watch the advertisement every time you pass. Among them, the most impressive thing is the fugitive of the secret room. This game was very fun before. Later, because there were too many advertisements, it was directly uninstalled, so compared to this kind of game, it is better to play the recharge port, so that the game experience will be greatly improved.

      The does not need to control the game without gold, because the developer of the game also needs to be maintained, so if the player does not recharge, you can only continue to pull advertisements. It's right. So playing games with recharge entrances, as long as you do not charge money, no problem. Just like the king or eating chicken, you do n’t buy your skin and do n’t affect your normal playing games. It is actually good to be a civilian player!

      The games of chess and cards, such as happy landlords, or mahjong, are Tencent games. You do not charge money or affect the overall gameplay. Essence And these games do not need to get gold to wash equipment, it is still good. There are also one of the games that can be played in online games, but they only need to spend more time, so that they can get all gold coins and so on. Then go to wash the equipment, just slower.

      The game of playing gold is not the key. If you control your hand, there is no problem without gold. In addition, the overall effect of Gold's game is better, the gameplay is more, and the speed of updating is relatively fast, and the game experience will be more perfect. So I still prefer to play a good game, but I have no money to charge, so it is a pure civilian player, but I also have a lot of fun.

    2. Every large online game is not allowed to charge you in the day. There should be only a stand -alone game in the past, and there is a little small online game in the game website. For example, I want to be a game like a king. Because he is too young, there is no way to charge, but if you have the opportunity, people who want to publish should not mind. Like those online games, many online games are not charging the whole process, but people will find ways to make money. Then the game is rotten, just like the king of the battlefield, crossing the fire line, the anti -terrorist elite, this semester is originally all the semester

    3. It is the kind of mini -game. What is free to play mahjong and the like? Not only do you not save money, you can also make a few dollars. The model is various advertisements and players.

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