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    Master translation


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “Master translation”
    1. Joint victory. When a NBA player was still young, he felt that he could win the game by himself. Only after he grew up, and after some battles, he could learn an important lesson: there were no individuals in the team. Examples of team value are not better than the Boston Celtics. Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett are super superstars of different three teams. But they have no title to show this. Then in the last season, they decided to sacrifice some money and personal gains and losses. Garnett and Ray Allen and Paul Pierce joined forces in the Celtics and changed the NBA game process. It starts in a simple way. Garnett and Ray Allen are two top players in the world. They regard the training every minute and every second as the NBA Championship. If you want to play with them, then you have to do this. Therefore, the young players of the Celtics also began to go all out. Paul Pierce has been a Celtic star player for many years. He has frequently shot points in a game, but with Garnett and Lei Allen, he has reduced his shooting and put more attention to putting more attention more. In terms of defense. His selflessness let young players know that it is meaningful to do the benefit of the team. When the Celtics are about to victory, Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce will be listed. But they will not just sit on the bench. Instead, they will stand and scream for their teammates. They want to support their friends and teammates. Those players who are not in the race know that they can still affect the game through cheers, so they screamed and cheered when Garnett and Ray Allen and Paul Pierce. Celtics has cultivated a strong team relationship. "A successful team fights with the same heart." If this is true, then Celtics has the most powerful heart in the NBA.

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