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    Is there anything to cheat a mini -game


    Sep 23, 2022
    5 thoughts on “Is there anything to cheat a mini -game”
    1. If the small game is Flash version, you can basically cheat ...
      It you can download a cheating device called (game modification master).
      The software is free, but there are a few seconds Advertising, although annoying, it is quite easy to use.
      can change speed, change money, change bullets, change blood volume, etc.
      Baidu can be searched, but what often searches is messy Things ... Very unsafe.
      The search in Thunder, download it with Thunder
      /search? Search =

    2. Cheating version of the Gold Mine Work, check it in Baidu. (Revisit with gold coins, right -click strength, T key to add time) No matter how you play, you will not lose!
      The mini -game If it is Flash version, you can basically cheat!

    3. Flash guests are about 2 cheats: "password input" at the beginning of the game, you can enter the jump password.
      During the game, click on the upper right corner of the screen to enter the password item, and you can use all passwords.
      Pungeons and u003Calpercollcase and space!
      Full of life: I love andy law
      7 rounds of bullets: Andy Law loves me
      to level 2: Andy Law Go to Stage 2
      Andy Law Go to Stage 3
      to Pass 4: Andy Law Go to Stage 4
      Thenights to play three secrets: Infinite money enters the store first when entering the game, (then Andy has not participated in yet to participate in Point BOMBS with 0 US dollars), then click 3 times. At this time, Andy's weird smile appeared, and the money was already in hand. Essence Essence The money immediately became NAN (unlimited). This is the passing of unlimited money. Four Cheats of Flash: Press the keyboard M pop -up menu on the main task, click the password to enter! OK!
      The password below needs to be copied!
      er space is not enough! It's wrong!
      i love crazy flazher forever! Transfer
      i love andy law forever! Life 200
      i love bbplayer forever! Money 5000
      Shitia 5 secrets: Flash 5 secrets move Andy Law is a Super Hero! Add money I go to bbplayer everyday! Add companion experience value Andy Law is a super great game maker!

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