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    How to write the English skipping English?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. First, the English words of skipping rope are SKIP, phonetic symbols [SKɪP], beauty [SKɪP].
      . Interpretation:
      1, vi. Jumping; skipping; quietly slipping; Quickly transfer
      theycanalSoplayskiPropeandhide -and-seek. n children can also play rope skipping and catch.
      2, vt. Skip; skip; miss; do not do (what should do, etc.)
      I will slightly over the next chapter.
      3, n. Jump; jump, jump; waste barrel (waste of waste, drag from truck)
      . She jumped gently.
      . The source of the word source:
      1300 entered the British language, directly derived from the ancient Nordic language Skopa, which means skipping and running; the original Skupanan, which originally originated from the original Nikko.
      Extension information:
      . The use of words:
      v. (verbs)
      1, SKIP, the basic meaning of children or small animals "light, beautiful, and quickly jump [jump] ", There is a lively excessive meaning. Extension can represent "jump reading" or "slip away."
      2, SKIP can not be used as a proven, or a verb. When used as a verb, it is generally used as an object; it is often used with Over, Through, etc. when it is not as good as the verb.
      3, the past and past words of SKIP are SKIPPD.
      2. Vocabulary:
      1, SKIP for JOY jump
      2, skip from one subject to any SKIP Into a House jumps into the house
      5, SKIP OUT of SBS WAY flashes to someone to let the road

    2. Rope Skipping
      The knowledge extension

      Bymark example sentences:
      ① 45 sports from the three -out -of -all omnipotent from the skipping to sports.
      it includes45types offromrope skippingtottrithlon.
      ② However, for many of us, this kind of stew, the same as Halloween and skipping rope, is part of our childhood. , Formanyofus, Theseareas Much ApartOFCHILDHOODAMP ROPE.
      ③ In addition to the characteristics of obvious aerobic exercise, skipping can also improve the body's coordination, sensitivity, rapid response ability and endurance. A skipping rope is only 5 US dollars or less (some beaded rope jump weight is 2 times that of ordinary ropes, and the price is more expensive, ranging from $ 10 to $ 40). rnAside from theobviouscardio benefits,jumping ropecan helpdevelop,agility,quicknessandenrancefor $5orless(somedouble-weightbeadedropescancost$10to $40).rn④如果需要更大强度的锻炼,可以试试腕部、踝部负重走,或者Jump rope. rnIfyou wantmoreintensity,add wristorankleweightsand stop tojumprope.rn短语:rn跳绳歌谣Rope Rhymernrn摇跳绳Rock skipping ; Rocker rope skipping ; skipping ropern仿真跳绳Real Jump Rope
      Golden skipping rope
      jump rope
      magic skipping jump doper n time time skipping timer jump rope n Skipping orbitis n pompee Jump rope

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