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    How to do chess -based self -media


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “How to do chess -based self -media”
    1. 1. Remembering chess: This is a basic technology. Whether it is a summary of the pair, or the research, the Central Stable must be able to achieve "chess". It turns out that after the chess is finished, conduct a re -inventory, analyze the advantages and disadvantages, and learn lessons. It is an effective way to improve the chess power. After all, it is difficult to analyze it in the future. Therefore, the technology of "remembering chess" cannot be ignored. In the usual game, you need to practice frequently. There are roughly two types of practice. One is that every time the two sides go by, they immediately use their notes until the end of the match. Another practice method is also called "Moqi". In actual combat, he does not record the method. It is remembered by my heart. In this way, it may not be easy to remember all the law at first, but as long as you practice more, it will gradually improve. 2. Chess: It is a very important technical exercise. Not only does the intermediate player pay attention to, that is, senior chess players also need to pay attention to, because summarizing experience and creating new tactics must be carried out through "disassembling chess". Generally, after playing against others, no matter the victory or defeat, the key to seeking the pros and cons of the law, including finding the gap in the victory, and finding the advantages in the failure. For example, when his own party should lose chess, the other party happened to be wrong and performed the self -made bureau, which caused his victory. But this winning is not to play a high level, so it also exposes many of his technical shortcomings. And these require us to practice the exercise of chess and have an objective attitude to find out the root cause of the victory or defeat. Introduction: Chess, as well as "Xiangye", Chinese chess (English name ", Chinese traditional chess puzzle game, has a long history in China, has been recorded in the pre -Qin period. One of them belongs to the two -person confrontation game. Because of its simple and strong features, it has become a very popular chess activity. It is mainly popular in the Chinese and Chinese characters. Chess is one of the 78 sports projects officially carried out in China. It is one of the official competitions for the first World Intellectual Games. In addition, high -material chess also has collection value, such as: chess with high -end wood, jade, etc. More literati and Mo Ke wrote poems for chess, making chess more cultural colors.

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