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    How is the development customization customization of Hunan Changshaqi game development?


    Sep 22, 2022
    One thought on “How is the development customization customization of Hunan Changshaqi game development?”
    1. With the rapid development of the Internet era, the mobile phone of the traditional game of video games, mobile games, and arcade is increasingly updated. Facing the needs of the market, the corresponding chess and card game development companies have also begun. Let us have a question: How much does it cost to customize the development of a chess and card app?
      How much does it cost to customize the development of a chess and card app?
      1. APP visual effect: The development cost of chess and card APP is closely related to the previous UI interface design. The more complicated the UI interface design, the better the picture effect, the longer the development time of the later development, the corresponding development cost will change high.
      2. APP development technology: the more mature application development technology, the higher the corresponding development cost. In addition, if the application wants to attract players to continue to use the application, it must continue to upgrade the application and repair the BUG of the application.
      3. APP gameplay function: Only when the game APP is rich can players interested in the game and increase the retention rate. APP needs to add more features to make players feel fresh, which will also increase development costs.
      4. APP development scope: APP development mainly includes steps such as functions, materials, preparation, product testing, data upload and other steps. If all the steps are entrusted to a third party, the cost will increase.
      In general, the development cost of ordinary chess and card game apps is around 6-150,000 yuan, which is also a price reference provided by ordinary, large and medium -sized developers. However, there are many small development teams that do not develop the core source code. They are the source code for secondary development, and then sell them to operators at a low price. These apps may cause the later operating systems to be unstable. As a result of the loss of players, the failure of operations has caused all investment funds to be swallowed. Therefore, choosing a regular developer, rich experience, the quality of the developed app is naturally much higher
      It, more customized demand for development, which affects the development cost of development. What type of chess and card products do you need. Investors must not choose products at the price. The development price of chess and card games is customized according to investors' needs for chess and cards.
      . The quality of custom chess and card apps. The price of the game affects high -quality chess and card products and low products. The exquisite and operating platforms are relatively stable, and the low -quality chess and card APP features will be relatively small. In the later period, it is prone to a series of problems with bugs and flashbacks. In particular, investors cannot choose to buy the code source sold directly on the Internet. Many of them have already developed secondary development, and there is no way to ensure the security of the APP. Generally speaking, if you buy customized products directly from developers, the price ranges from tens of thousands to ten thousand. If there are many requirements for chess and cards or customized local gameplay, this personalized customized price may be higher.

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