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    English basketball rules


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    1. 1. NBA various shooting methods
      (SLAM) nk: (powerful) slam dunk
      bank shot: rubbing the ball
      double pump: pull rod shot (VERB)
      fade-away shot: back to backward leaning Formula jumper
      hook shot: Hook shooting
      jump shot: jumper
      layup: Bring the ball on the ball
      perimeter shop: mid-distance shooting
      set shot: stand out
      three-point Shot: three -pointer

      2. NBA various statistical terms
      assist: help
      block shot: blocking, covering hot pot
      DEFENSIVE Rebound: Defensive rebounds
      field Goal: Packing rate
      field Goal:
      Free Throw: The free throw rate
      Free Throw: The free throw Offensive Rebound: offensive rebounds
      rebound: rebound
      Scoring: Score
      esteal: Cut
      three-point shot: Three -point ball hit rate
      turnover: mistakes

      3. Venue equipment
      backboard: rebound
      back count: backcourt
      freethrow lane: penalty ball, the restricted area
      Freethrow line: free throw line
      front count: Use the clock
      halftime: midfielder rest time
      hoop: basket frame, basket circle
      mid-court: midfield
      net: Net
      painted area n area Near the Basket: The small circle area under the basket of the penalty area
      rim: basket frame, basket circle
      Scoring table: record table, mixer
      shot cloc: The inside must be shot, and the ball must be touched by the basket, otherwise the
      is illegal)
      three-point line: three points (ball) line
      top of the city: near the top of the top of the penalty area (ball)
      wing near the line: (left, right) bottom line area

      4. Rules
      blocking forel: Blocking foul
      buzzer: (for competition) Bee tweezers (indicating the end of time, replacement ..., etc.)
      Charming Foul: (with the ball) hit the person (foul) r r r r r r r r r r
      DEAD Ball: Dead ball (stop game period)
      DEFENSIVE BASKET: Defensor interfere with the shot
      Dlay of game: Obstacles the normal play of the game
      : NDOUBLE DRIBBLE: Two dribbles (illegal)
      ejection: Exit
      elbowing: Turn the Tourism
      (of Game, First Half…): (the game, the game in the first half) time) At the end of
      first hash: The first half
      firs (sex, third, foursrth) period: The first (second, third, fourth) section
      five ticks left on the (Game CLOCK, Shot CLOCK ...): (The game, the time limit ...) The time is only 5 seconds
      flagrant forel: malignant foul
      Foul: Foul
      Foul Out: Graduation, "Graduation," Graduation "
      Foul Troud: It's about to leave the venue," Live a quasi-graduation certificate "
      full timeout: full (100 seconds) pause
      : Drive shooting
      hand-checking : Push the opponent's offensive player's foul action
      held Ball: The ball holds the ball (both do not hold the ball)
      illegal defense: Defensive
      illegal offense: The offensive violation (see isolation) r
      isody: Four offensive players are on one side, and the fifth player eats the opponent's defensive player
      jump Ball: The ball, jumping ball
      loose ball foul: Both sides have no foul when there is no ball right (usually occurred in the right (usually occurred in the right time (usually in the case of occurred in Both sides are competing for rebounds)
      offensive basket: The offensive interference is scored
      out of? Judgment
      Second Half: In the second half
      shot clock violaering: illegal regulations that must be shot in 24 seconds (and the ball must touch the basket) : Replacement (playing, ending)
      : Stop the game (punishment)
      technical forel: Technical foul
      ten-seacond violation:
      three-seacond violating: (under the basket) 3 seconds of illegal law
      throw a punch: Fisting
      throw in: Server
      traveling: (with the ball) ntwenty-second time: only 20 seconds of suspension
      Walking: (with the ball) walking

      5. Tactical chapter
      backdoor cut: Tactics from the bottom line from both sides
      block out: block the opponent's player so that it is not easy to be stronger to the basketball game. Two defensive players bags offensive players
      Dribble out the time: The offensive side consumes the remaining time in the game
      eat up the clock: The remaining time
      fast Break: fast break
      Foul Strategy: foul tactics
      give and go: (offensive player holding player) pass tactics
      jockey for post: (under the basket) card position r
      milk the time away: The offensive side consumes the remaining time in the game
      one-one-one defense: Renmind defense
      pick and roll: ) Over-cutting tactics
      post-up play: (Entertainer holding the ball player back to the basket) Single of the tactical tactics of the opponent's defensive player ntriple team: Use three defensive players to attack players
      zone defense: Regional defense, regional joint defense

      6. Action chapter
      (Throw a) Baseball Pass: (fast break) long pass
      (shoot) an Air Ball: (investment) out-of-basket empty heart ball, "
      behind-the-back-back Dribble: Behind (Change) Drunk
      Carrying The Ball: "Flip"
      CROSS-Leg Dribble: Under the Drun
      DRIBBL Basket
      Four-POINT PLAY: After scoring 3 points, he was fined for a foul. The Hoop: Shooting
      monster nk: Frenxing Slam Dunk
      NOTHING But the Net: Hollow Ball (Basket)
      palming: nreverse lay-up: backhand basket
      shoot behind the Arc: three-pointers
      score a base: shot score
      swish: hollow ball (scored)
      tap in:
      three-point play: After scoring 2 points, one point was fined for being fouled.

      7. Team player chapter
      assistant coach: Assistant Coach
      BACKCOURT: defender (including ball control and scoring defender)
      backup: backup (replacement, support) players
      bench: (referring to all) reserve backup (替换,支持)球员rnbench player:(指个人)后备(替换,支持)球员rncenter中锋(又称5号位置球员) rncoach:教练rnfrontline:锋线(包括Large striker, small forward, center)
      gm (general manager): team manager
      mascot: team mascot
      mvp: the most valuable player
      one-guard: Pilling defender r r r r r r r r r
      point Guard: Power Control
      POWER Forward: Big forward (also known as player No. 4)
      rookie: The second year of player, Cainiao (player)
      shooting guard: Score defender
      sixth man : Sixth person
      small Forward: Small striker (also known as player No. 3)
      sophomore: The second year of player
      starter: (refers to individual) starting players
      starting lineup: (referring to all the whole ) First player
      swingman: Shake (referring to the player who can also be a player and a small forward)
      trainer: Team trainer
      two-guard: Score defender
      veteran: Senior player, senior player, senior player, senior player, senior player, Old bird (player)

      8. Competition
      away game: away game
      final: Finals
      first Round: In the first round of the game
      gb (Games Behind): Team: The guest team
      home count: home
      home count advantage: home advantage
      home game: home game
      home team: Mandarin
      losing stream: npost season: playoffs
      regular season: seasonal
      road game: away game
      schele: schedule
      Semi-Final: quasi-finals
      standings: record (table) r r r r r nwinning stream: Number of winning streaks, winning records

      9. List of the NBA team
      pacific division Atlantic group
      golden State Warriors Team
      PORTLAND (referred to as Blazers) Portland Pioneer Team
      Kings Shatagi King Team
      SEATTLE (Sonics) Seattle supersonic team
      midwest division
      Dallas MAVERICKS Dallas Mavericks
      houston Rockets Houston Rockets
      minnesota Minnesota Wolf Team
      san Antonio SPURS
      utah Jazz Bear
      eastern East District
      atlandic Division Atlantic Group
      Miami Heat Miami Hot Wave Team
      NEW YORK (referred to as Knicks) New York Nick Team n 76ers Philadelphia
      ORANDO MAGIC Orando Magic
      BOSTON CELTICS Boston Seltiko Team
      New Jersey Nets New Jersey Nets
      Wizards Washington Magic Team
      CENTRAL DIVISION Central Group
      atlanta Hawks Atlanta Eagle Team
      Charlotte Hornets Charlotte Hornet
      Cleveland Cavaliers Cleveland Cavaliers
      DETROIT PISTONS Detroit Pistol NINDIANA PACERS nmilwaukee Bucks Milwaki Bucks Team
      TORONTO RAPTORS Toronto Tyrannosaurus Team

      ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------ ------

      basketball Speaking
      basketball; basketball

      backboard rebounds

      Backcourt stadium backcourt
      n back guard n
      ball Control ball control

      Behind-the-back Pass, passing the ball

      cornerman forward

      Center center
      nCharge n
      Cheshast Pass, passing the chest

      Clean shot hollow ball

      Cager u003Cbeauty u003Cbeautiful slang> basketball player

      double forel foul

      Dribble dribble

      Foul Shot free throws

      Free Throw free throw
      nFree Throw Lane free throw zone
      nfree throw line

      full-call press, the whole field is urgent

      goal shooting

      Guard defender

      hack foul foul foul foul

    2. BLOCKING FOUL blocking foul

      buzzer beeurizers

      Charming Foul NDEFENSIVE BASKET Defensor interfere with the shot

      Dlay of game to obstruct the normal play of the game

      ejection Exit


      The at the end of
      nfirst half the first half
      nfired period competition Section 1

      Flagrant Foul Vicious fouls

      Foul foul

      Foul out full

      Foul Trouth

      full timeout full time (100 seconds) pause

      The interference shot
      nhand-checking to push the opponent's offensive player's foul action r r r r r r r r r r r

      held ball holding the ball

      illegal defense defense violations

      illegal offense offensive

      jump ball, jumper
      n n n R NLoose Ball Foul's fouls when there is no ball right

      offensive basket offensive offensive to shoot

      out of bound Sai

      Referee referee

      Second Half the second half

      shot clock violation illegal regulations that must be shot within 24 seconds

      The competition

      Technical Foul technical foul

      ten-seacond violating 10 seconds illegal

      three-second violalation (under the basket) 3 seconds of 3 seconds Illegal Throw A Punch Pack

      THROW in Server TRAVELING / WALKING Walk

      twenty-seacond time

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